Sunday, November 05, 2006

Belts, Flats and FB Update

Cheers to NY Magazine's Approval Matrix from the November 6th issue which put "Overbelting" in the highbrow-despicable quadrant! (Double cheers to the magazine's website which allows you to click and drag your own approval ratings and then compare them to other site users.) What's with all the belting around town? Like skinny jeans, just because you could, possibly get away with the style doesn't mean you should.

Another point - flats are cool with slacks or jeans. These chilly days in NYC mean a lot of flats and pants and wool coats and scarves. Ladies, I love this fashion sense. Truly. But do not under any circumstance think that you can push the stilo a little further into the cold days of November by wearing nude stockings or stocking socks. No m'am; if you're too cold then you're done with flats for the season.

Update: Filene's Basement in Union Square has a lot of Ted Baker and Tory Burch gear so get it while it's hot.

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