Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vintage Advantage

What was once considered used is now vintage. We shop the racks at vintage clothing shops and sift through styles that packed our mothers' and grandmothers' closets. Add insult to injury, most vintage shops in NYC nowadays are overpriced and staffed with some of the most obnoxious people this city has to offer.

Case in point: JK and I walked into one of those shops in the Lower East Side and JK innocently commented about the name and inventory of the place, as it had obviously changed since the last time we had been in. Well I'll be damned if one of the salespeople didn't pounce and instantly make some pissy comment in reply. Here was a perfect opportunity to sell, sell, sell your returning customers on the benefit of shopping at the new-and-improved vintage shop - one of MANY in the neighborhood and NYC in general - and instead this woman chose to go the bitch route. During our time looking around she attempted to tell me how to try something on, fussed around the store cleaning up after people and let out a number of exasperated sighs.

On the other hand, take Meeps in Washington, DC. Unassuming (why assume?), well-stocked and - hold the presses - staffed with happy, nice people. EK and I went in there for wigs (new, not vintage) for Halloween and were both sold on winter coats as well. I got a mod forest green driving coat and EK got a black faux fur fabulousness. Mine was $45 and hers was $65. Meepiddy meep meeps!

But I haven't totally given up hope on the vintage clothing scene in NYC and this is why: Shana. You may recall that I blogged about my shopping excursion to Shana's traveling vintage clothing sale and what a great time I had. Well Shana spotted me on the subway this morning and at first I didn't recognize her but she was super friendly and shared with me the great news: her store is now open for business! Check it out - CollectHer is now a reality in the Bklyn.

The vintage advantage: Meeps and CollectHer have got it, most others don't.

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