Sunday, February 11, 2007


This just in from the trenches - I went to the Rafe sale this weekend and picked up this little number which in addition to a cute wallet in the same style was under $200. If my previous posting didn't pique your interest in this sale then hopefully that information will!

Also, thanks to MS for reminding me about the upcoming Barney's Warehouse Sale - don't forget to check it out between February 15 and March 4. I owe a lot to that sale - some fabulous shoes, a great camel-colored coat. Oh the memories...I once tried something on, put it back on the rack and Amy Poehler asked me if I was taking it. Fabulous!

So I was thinking about the process of shopping and the whole concept of "retail therapy." That's a pretty cheesy way of describing an aspect of shopping I think is very real. There's something so relaxing about strolling around and trying things on at your favorite places - maybe you buy something, maybe you don't - but in the meantime you're mentally stepping outside yourself, while physically you're scrutinizing yourself very closely.

Of course when you're shopping with a friend it's very different, but also very comforting. You can talk through a number of topics with your friend from a number of angles while going from store to store and trying things on. You stroll around, have a good ol' chat, encourage each other - if that isn't therapeutic, I don't know what is.

Ok, before I get too "Deep Thoughts" on something that can also be very shallow and consumerism-focused, let me sign off and get back to another type of scrutiny - the review of Grammy Award outfits (love you, Mary J)!

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