Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

When my man is out of town for the weekend, the first order of business is to head downtown to Century 21 - not the real estate company, folks, the discount department store!

I was first introduced to "Century's" by ACT back when we worked at the bank on Wall Street. El Century Veintouno opens at 7 am on weekdays so it was a great place to pick up those second pairs of stockings when we discovered runs on the subway rides to was also a great place to blow paychecks every two weeks.

Oh Century, you sold me my first and only pair of Prada shoes, my sparkley Costume National pants (speaking of which, check out the CoSTUME NATIONAL website: it's hot), my Moschino Cheap & Chic miniskirt and the Milly dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner for my wedding. Unfortunately today you really didn't have what I was looking for, still I purchased two pairs of shoes from you.
And then I headed home, but on the way I remembered Anbar Shoes, which you may recall I highlight in a previous posting. Hello! All Winter shoes at Anbar were either $20 or $25. Well I bought three pairs at Anbar and then went right back to Century and returned the one pair that cost more than half of the three pairs at Anbar.

Top that day off with a visit to the Barney's Warehouse Sale (black wool Theory pants) with JK followed by a dinner at Caracas Arepas and you have yourself one perfect day.


stellaforstar said...

yayyyyyy, shopping with caroline = best day ever. xo

shomore said...

Now I regret not visiting Century 21 when I was in New York.

Glad to hear your day was so productive. :)