Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You Work Hard for the Money, So You Better Shop Online Right

When you've worked all weekend and have pulled some pretty late nights in the office, the only sensible thing to do once you finally get home is curl up with your laptop, slap a clay mask on that tired face, sip on a glass of cheapo Sauvignon Blanc and shop online!

My online shopping routine involves perusing and purchasing from the following:

  • I know, I can't stop referring to this website, but I really am hooked. I got a fabulous Marc Jacobs jacket on this site for $40 and ever since, I love.

  • This is another one of my faves. It's easy to lose a good two hours here - and it is always selling that pair of shoes you found at some retail shop that wasn't carrying your size.

  • I don't know why I'm so drawn to this site, I have really only ever bought something at its offline sample sales, but I like feel of the navigation (even though it doesn't make too much sense) and the photos are done very well. Most importantly, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of what the kids are wearing these days.

  • This is an offline powerhouse, indeed. But if you live in Manhattan the only options for the retail store experience are Bklyn (full picked through) and Riverdale and Queens, I think but am not even sure. The point is, the site is excellent for affordable work dresses.
What are your favorite online shopping destinations? Share, people, share.

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stellaforstar said...

i don't do much online shopping for clothes since i don't trust the sizing. i am always worried nothing will fit. i do like to peruse my own "girlshop" ish guilty pleasure, though: