Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's In a Commercial?

Somehow, our TV is programmed right now to display the words that are being recited when the "mute" function is turned on. I'm not sure if this is called Closed-Captioned or subtitled, but I think you know what I'm referring to.

The point that has me so fascinated is that apparently only certain corporations opt to have their commercials (or "spots" as my husband in the ad industry likes to say) display the words if they're on mute. Please note that I am referring to the television you receive for free here in NYC when you plug your box into the wall, not TiVo or some DVRness - just plain old network television (ah, Network - see that movie, please).

Here are the companies I've noticed tonight that pay extra - I assume - to have you read exactly what they're saying to you, Y-O-U.

Subway (ie: the sanwiches)
Dunkin Donuts

It's the last one on the list that has me writing this posting ce nuit. As you know, I love me some Target. But I was able to read the "lyrics" to the "song" in the most recent Target commercial and I was taken aback. Forget subliminal, it might as well be saying, "buy, buy, buy now, spend."
Does the Target have some bewitching power over me that I simply do not realize? And here I was thinking I just chose the Target on my own, that the powerful red and the bullseye logo and the recruiting of the designers had nothing to do with it.

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