Sunday, March 18, 2007

Subway Musings

It's true, I used the word "musings" - I must really be a blogger now, boy oh boy. In all seriousness, the NYC subway is where I get most of my inspiration. While riding uptown to work the other day I started thinking about how beautiful women are maybe the only people who can get away with not being the most stylish people. The same does not hold true for beautiful men - men who are extremely good looking can't dress like slobs. I noticed a very beautiful woman the other day but would not have said her coat, pants, shoes and bag worked together. Thoughts?

The other topic I wanted to explore is the converse low-tops that slip on with no laces, but still have loops for laces. Everyone under the age of 30 is wearing these shoes right now. I recently purchase a pair of black low-top cons but the traditional, with-laces style. I prefer the with-laces look, but some people can pull off the no laces version.


typingelbow said...

What a joy it was to discover your blog! Now I don't have to wait for Ru to throw a party so that I can check in with you, my dear.

I prefer laces in my Converse, but that could be because I just started wearing them about two years ago. I missed the craze as a kid, so I'm living it up now. Good to see you, Ms. S.

stellaforstar said...

dude, i think i hate those laceless shoes. i think. maybe it's love disguised as hate, like sam and diane on "cheers?"