Wednesday, June 06, 2007

First Report From Down South

Friends! I am here in South Carolina and I promise I haven't forgotten about you. It's been tough getting internet access as we are not yet connected in the apartment. In order to report back from the fields I must seek out free wi-fi, which I have done here at Panera Bread.

On the shopping front: after I am done here at PB I will be making my third trip to Target in four days. Thank goodness for this megastore! Hangers, Runners, Clorox, the Patrick Robinson shirts that weren't available in NYC in my size -- I've gotten it all. I had been worried that with Target as the only extremely convenient and inexpensive store in the area, every woman would be sporting Target gear. Well, sure enough the worry was confirmed on day two of being here. At the first place my husband and I went for breakfast - The Gourmet Shop - the woman behind the register commented on my Tshirt (from Target) and mentioned she had the same one. Oh sigh, looks like I'm going to have to pull the "only available in NY" pieces out of their boxes to maintain a unique look. Should I say boxes? Nay, I've unpacked most everything and put it into my...(drumroll please)....walk-in closet! That's right, that's just one of the perks of our new apartment.

Besides Target I have been adjusting to the pace (much slower), the climate (much hotter - 90 today) and the culture (I was talking on my cellphone earlier and everyone was looking at me; realized I was shouting).

People are nice - service people and younger folks call me "Ma'am," the atmo is laid back and the "suburbs" are filled with huge old Magnolia and other beautiful trees. There are tons of squirrels, so Monkey has a field day every time we go for a walk.

I'll check in with y'all later, for now I'm going to finish my sweet tea.


Frasypoo said...

I visited Columbia ,SC a while back.My friend lives there.There are some stores called rugged wearhouse and they are like a trendier Ross.Those stores are all over the southern part of the US so you may be able to find locations on the website.I found Paper,denim and cloth jeans for 25.00 there.Problem is they have limited things for a limited time!

Virginia Belle said...

i just got back from my first trip to NYC about 3 weeks ago. i am totally in love, and now SC seems incredibly lame.

but i would hate to give up my walk in closet. good point.

also, i dont' miss snow. not one bit. haven't seen it in 5 years.

it will be hard to look unique down here. we have crappy shopping and mostly chain stores. you might want to take the time to go to charlotte or charleston. they have much better shopping there. but the internet is also a great option.

if you like consignment shopping, i always have good luck at capital city consignments. it's near columbia place mall.