Monday, June 18, 2007

Oops I Did It Again

Today I investigated Five Points for an hour by foot. Armed with a sweet tea from The Gourmet Shop I strolled around and was able to hit a few places. Here's the Five Points website which I am happy to report has been redone since I last checked it about a month ago.

Oops! is a store that sells catalog clothing at a discount. A couple of years ago I got a great Citizens of Humanity jean jacket there which is still very much in the rotation. Today I got a couple of the long sleeved slim fit tees from JCrew for $9.99 each which are magical, as well as a Gap tank for $7.99. I know many of you New Yorkers were wondering how I'd get my fix, well this place is the answer!

There are also a couple of used/vintage clothing shops in the area which are neat, though nothing today worked out for me -- Revente and Sid and Nancy.

Finally, the used bookstore Dr. Books is totally charming. I got a book of short stories, Best of the South, (hello, gotta get into it!) as well as The Life of Pi which I have been meaning to read.

Oh, I had also wanted to check out the used outdoor gear store for a possible gift for my husband, but it's closed on Monday's so I'll probably pop over there tomorrow. That statement is a test to see if he ever reads this!

And speaking of ever reading this, I've noticed that my weekly visits have gone down since I moved to Columbia. Folks, I'm still here. Even though the lifestyle has and will likely continue to change, I'm still the same old Caroline so keep reading and I will keep blogging. Promise.


stellaforstar said...

me, too! still here! still reading! (still missin' you. thanks for the message, a return one is on the way)

Virginia Belle said...

oh, i am mistaken. i thought you just moved here! sorry!

have you been to papa jazz? it's a used music store in 5pts. it is AWESOME. used CDs, vinyl (if you like that) and used DVDs. they have EVERY possible type of music there, too. it's a great way to kill a couple of hours. i've never left there empty handed.

Caroline said...

Dear Virginia Belle,

I did indeed just move here, or I should say I moved here at the end of May 2007. However, my husband is from this fine city so we did visit a number of times over the winter holidays.

Thanks for reading,