Monday, June 11, 2007

Short Shorts and Furniture Shopping

Short shorts - that's what's popular here in the SC. At first I was horrified; only a few skinny minis can pull this look off, yet everyone from age 10 to age 35 is wearing shorty shorts here. Well, since I've officially been through my week-long 90+ degree weather I am a little more forgiving of the trend. Hello - it's hot!

So the new obsession is furniture shopping. Accent tables, wall sconces - this is now my vocab, people. I've been to just about every furniture store in town at least once trying to absorb the difference in look, price, etc. Most stores here are what is called "traditional" when what I prefer is called "contemporary;" still, I trudge on, carrying my notebook in hand and scribbling notes about length, width, height and price. So far, our (yes, our - my husband is full on into this furniture shopping too. If you have a mate totally disinterested in the decor of your interior, consider yourself lucky) favorite store is Strobler because you can totally customize a couch - legs, upholstery, accent pillows - for the same price as buying it off the floor. Wednesday is 20% off everything in the store so I am impatiently counting the days until I can go back. Whit Ash has some seriously aggressive sales people, but I still kind of like a bookshelf and a coffee table/end table set over there too.

It all kind of gives me agita after a while as there are really endless possible combinations of end tables, rugs, lamps and chairs. Still, I am enjoying strolling into a furniture shop during the business day, meeting a friend for lunch and then blogging about it all in the late afternoon. Very lady of leisure of me, n'est ce pas? Don't worry, it won't last too long.

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stellaforstar said...

ooooh this all sounds weird and fun. so glad carolines closet is back in action!
walk in closet, eh? now we'll never get you back....xoxo big love from your lil' blogger friend in nyc