Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Job Rules

Well, I started a new job yesterday and so far it seems swell (hello casual Fridays, how I have missed you). Nonetheless, here are some aspects of working in this town that have me a wee bit off-kilter:
  • Driving to get lunch
  • Driving to and from work
  • The heat! The car, he doesn't do so well in the heat. It's a Subaru Outback, which as we all know is made for the Vermont climate.
Ok, there's one good thing about driving to and from work -- shoes! I can occasionally wear heels to work and it's not the end of my feet. Sweet!

I've been doing an informal poll of people I meet who are transplants. "How long did it take you to adjust to South Carolina?" Thus far I've heard one year from three different people.

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Virginia Belle said...

oh how i wish we had public transportation here.....i mean, we DO, it's just that it's for seriously poor people. and it would take you 3 hours to get anywhere. no exaggeration.

a lot of places around here have casual fridays. it's so dang hot, esp. in the summer, you've got to have a break sometimes from suits.

keep your car windows cracked a little bit and it won't be so hot. as long as you don't work in a bad part of town or keep expensive electronics in your car, you should be good.

you will get used to the heat, i promise. the first summer i was here, i thought, "jaysus! how do people breathe down here??" but the next summer, it didn't even phase me. you will find yourself buying a lot of cotton and linen and flip flops. you will have to have something to drink with you at all times. and you will take 3 showers per day. and if your AC breaks, you will seriously consider going to a hotel.

you'll love it in the winter, though. i had to get rid of everything made of wool, because i simply never wore it anymore. the first winter i was here, i wore a coat TWICE.

best things about SC? warm winters, friendly people, good food, near beaches, very little traffic.

worst things? lots and lots of stupid people, bad shopping.

i could go on, but that's good for now!